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Nutrition advice automation

Forksy AI Platform

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Natural Language Understanding Engine for Food-Related Conversations

  • Food logging on natural language
  • Fact extraction: food name, serving size, meal time
  • Food classification: more than 500 food categories
  • Nutritional value: retrieving the data from several third-party public and private food databases
  • Own unique dataset to power NLU: based on dozens of thousands of food diaries
Oats with 100 mls milk & cup of tea with milk
One can of tuna, half a banana and a cup of vanilla ice cream
DinnerSmall bowl spaghetti bolognese, 1 small serve garden salad, 1 slice bread

How it works

Eating Behavior Management Automation

  • White-label text and voice bot engine: creating bots to manage and scale nutrition and lifestyle coaching
  • Instant feedback to influence eating behavior: customizable bot responses on consumed foods based on user goals, food intolerances and other personal parameters and conditions
  • Contextual & targeted recommendations: programmable logic for personalized lifestyle advice
  • Analytics: automated reporting and extended eating behavior analysis
  • White-label food diary
  "foodCategories": [
  "text": "Your food diary data shows that you consume too much saturated fat. Mayo is very high in calories and saturated fats. Substitute it with a hummus or mashed avocado for example",
  "targeting": {
    "lastWeek": {
      "saturatedFat": {
        "ratio": {
          "$gt": 0.15

Custom Diet, Nutrition Plan,
Fitness Plan Delivery

  • AI-powered diet that adapts to the user based on his nutrition data
  • Highly customizable diet & fitness plan logic
  • Automated daily and weekly check-ins
  • Food recommendations
  • Custom recipes integration
Hi , did you manage to juggle this week’s tasks? Practice makes perfect, and your diary shows that you did great with balancing your fat intake. Fat balance not only affects how you feel after meals, but also how healthy and sharp you will stay throughout your life

Scaling the Customer Care for Nutrition and Fitness Coaches (in development)

  • Own dialog engine
  • Nutrition-related intents recognition
  • How much fat is in cheese?
  • What is the alternative for bread?
  • How many points and calories are a regular sucking candy?
  • How many litres of water need to drink?
  • Can I have a chocolate pop tart

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