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Eat healthy
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a robot-nutritionist that helps increase your energy
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Join the Forksy Diet — an interactive AI‑powered nutrition program aimed at boosting your energy

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About 6-week program

A robot-coach that supports you along the way

A robot-coach that supports you along the way

  • Not an app, but a friend in your messenger
  • Gives you instant advice with each meal you eat
  • Helps improve your eating habits on the go
You can also find @ForksyBot on Kik and Telegram

The simplest food diary you’ve ever seen

The simplest food diary you’ve ever seen

  • Tell Forksy what you eat and she will count the calories
  • Speak to her in natural language, send photos or even 🍕🍷
You can also find @ForksyBot on Kik and Telegram

The Forksy Diet

A 6-week program to boost your energy and improve your well-being

We rarely think that lack of concentration, fatigue, sleep loss, and mood swings can be directly affected by what we eat. The Forksy Diet can help you overcome these struggles


Not only a set of rules to follow, but AI-powered advice that adapts to your needs


An automated comprehensive analysis of your eating habits


LOTS of additional materials:

  • How to avoid hidden obstacles;
  • Scientific explanations to back our advice;
  • Healthy alternative meal options;
  • Self-assesment and success measuring tips


Direct access to program authors

What to expect:
The Forksy Diet Timeline

Start the program

Preliminary Nutritional Assessment:
Personal advice to improve your nutrition

Week 1

Fatigue and Concentration

You’ll be able to reduce fatigue, enhance your concentration, get rid of mood swings, and eliminate food cravings

Week 2


You’ll learn to stay refreshed without stimulants, regain clarity, sleep better, and get rid of some extra calories

Week 3


You’ll improve your digestion and will feel less drowsy after meals

Week 4

Long-Term Investment

You’ll lay the foundation for the brain and cognitive performance, as well as creativity for years and decades to come

Week 5

Productive Lifestyle

You’ll gain an additional 2–4 productive hours per day

Week 6


You’ll learn how to turn knowledge into habit

End of the program

Updated Nutritional Analysis

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